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Please Pick Up Toys, Tools and Other Home Items On The Lawn

Please ensure the lawn area is clean and clear on the day of service. Stopping work to clean yards is time draining and has not been quoted for in any lawn mowing quotes to account for this extra time needed to service a lawn.

It is understandable that occasionally the lawn mowing service day can be forgotten and the lawn area not cleaned, in which case the condition of the yard will be assessed. A few items may be cleared up without fuss, however messy yards will not be tidied and the service may be delayed until another day.

Please ensure all small rocks, tools or toys are removed from the lawn area.

One small unseen item going through the lawn mower can be ejected as a projectile travelling at extremely high speeds, with the high possibility of causing bodily damage to people, or property damage to homes and vehicles. Lawn areas must be cleaned prior to lawn servicing taking place.

Please Keep People, Pets and Children Away From Work Areas

For the safety of yourselves, your children and pets, please ensure the lawn area remains clear during the lawn mowing service. Lawn mowing work will stop should any people be present on the lawns.

Dog Waste

Due to occupational health and safety guidelines and recommendations, dog waste will not be handled in any way, and it is kindly asked that lawns be cleaned of dog waste (poo) on the service day.

I understand that having a dog in the yard is challenging when we're not at home, and we can't control its doings when we're not there, so in these cases any dog bombs will be mowed around and will not be picked up or removed during a lawn mowing service.

Excessive dog waste on the lawn may result in the service being unable to be completed on the service day.

Payments For Services

We all work hard for our livings, no matter what we do. And we each require to be paid our wages for our work in a timely way. Being a lawn mowing contractor is no different, other than before I get my wages: I must first pay my business running costs. And so as you like to be paid you wages in a fair time frame, so too do I.

Access To Property

If I cannot access the property, I cannot mow the lawn. And having to return multiple times to attempt to complete a straightforward lawn mowing service then makes that lawn mowing service unviable: that it costs us more time and money in attempts to actually do the work, than what the job pays for that one service.

Locked gates should be unlocked on the day of service, or a key provided.

Access to the lawns on the property should be ensured so services can be completed on their booked service day, and with efficiency.

No early bird lawn mowing schedules are provided for people going to work with locked gates. Services are scheduled during the day dependent on the location of the property with the other work which is booked for that day. Your service may be at 8am, 11am, or 3pm. Next week or next month or next year the time of day may completely change, as can the day of service.

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Lawn Mowing Perth

Lawn Mowing Services Perth

The man who owns the business does the work!

My lawn mowing business is 100% independently owned and operated. With no franchises, no head offices, no secretaries, and no team of staff, you'll never be left wondering who will be showing up at your house today or just who will be answering the phone the next time you call... it will always be me, Steve. The man who owns the business, does the work!

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