Lawn Mowing Service Frequencies

Choosing The Best Lawn Mowing Frequency For Your Lawn

Standard Servicing

Recommended for healthy Perth lawns

November - March: 2 weekly

April - May: 3 weekly

June - August: 4 weekly

September - October: 3weekly

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Best suited to normal healthy lawns in Perth.
90% of clients choose this frequency.

4 Weekly Servicing

For slower growing lawns only

4 weekly servicing all year round.

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For slower growing lawns

A surcharge applies to this frequency as it generally entails longer lawns and lengthier mowing times.


Other Lawn Mowing Service Frequencies

If your lawn requires, or you prefer a different lawn mowing frequency than outlined above, please ask.

Please note that we do not provide services which extend past 4 weekly intervals (ie: mowing every 6 weeks).

A Note About Choosing The Right Lawn Mowing Frequency

Having a lawn cut too infrequently compared to its current rate of growth can be a problem in two key areas:

  • the lawn can become too long and not be looking its best between lawn mowing services
  • a lawn with a long leaf can possibly become damaged when it is mowed: if too much leaf material is then removed when it is eventually mowed

Lastly, if the wrong lawn mowing frequency is chosen, resulting in the lawn taking much longer to mow due to the longer lawn leaf: which then takes longer to mow, produces more clippings and requires more frequent stops in work to empty the catcher, then a price reassessment may be required to ensure a job doesn't become a work loss for us.

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