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How much does a typical lawn mowing service cost?

It's impossible to give an estimate for any lawn mowing service without having seen the job. There are no two lawns that are the same, and even two lawns of the same size can vary greatly in lawn mowing time depending on how they are laid out, access to the lawn areas, lawn growth rates, or other differences. My quotes are free, with no hassle ever, and no obligation ever.

If I call today, can I have my lawn mowed today?

It may be possible, though some days are fully booked with no room to add further work onto, it does depend on the particular day and time you contact us as to whether I could also cut on the same day.

I can almost always call past for a lawn mowing quote on the day of the inquiry.

Can you quote over the phone without seeing the property?

No. Lawn mowing quotes are hassle free and free. Once you have the free lawn mowing quote: it's entirely up to you to call me back to proceed. It's very easy, and I will never do any "follow up" calls after quotes. It's entirely in your hands whether to proceed with a lawn mowing quote.

Do you work weekends?


How can I pay you?

Cash is preferred, or direct credit bank deposit is also available.

I no longer accept cheques.

What day will my lawn be mowed?

For regular clients, I fit all services into a service schedule to be in any particular area on a given day. Your regular lawn mowing service will be booked for the day I am working in your immediate area.

You will always be informed of your next service day on your invoice.

How often should my lawn be mowed?

The most appropriate lawn mowing frequency for lawns in Perth is 2 weekly during extended Summer (5 months), 3 weekly in the Spring and Autumn months of September and October then the same in April and May, and every 4 weeks in Winter.

A slower growing lawn may only need mowing every 4 weeks, though these are the exceptions.

If your lawn requires a different frequency than what is recommended, then please let me know to discuss.

Do you take lawn clippings away?

No. Not any longer.

All lawn clippings go into household bins, or green-waste bins, or garden bags, or garden beds. Whatever option is preferred by the client.

With lawn sizes shrinking and the cost of using waste transfer stations becoming astronomical, it's no longer a necessary or viable option to provide. To provide this option would then have to include a hefty surcharge on top of the lawn mowing service price.

Do you service stratas, real estates, body corporate?

No. Services are specifically customised for private residential homes.

Do you provide gardening and hedge trimming?

No. After so long in the industry my services have narrowed down to providing lawn mowing services only and away from the large and often under-utilised range of additional services.

I can refer specialist gardeners for you if you'd like some gardening work done.

Are you a corporation and how many employees do you have?

I am a sole trader providing for your friendly and professional one on one lawn mowing service.

You will never have to wonder whether it's Jill, Bob or Jack mowing your lawn, it will always be me... Steve.

Hm, I'm not sure, can I cancel the service easily if I want to?

Absolutely. Any time. After one service, one year or after 10 years. The service is yours, so if at any time you'd like to cancel: just send through an SMS or email, and I'll thank you for your business and wish you well. My lawn mowing services are always hassle free, from the lawn mowing quote to the day we may part ways.

Do you provide pensioner discounts?

No. My lawn mowing services in Perth are competitively priced right out of the box. I don't charge high prices to some customers and then offer a so-called "discount" to others to make it seem that I have super premium services while also kindly providing "discounts". Fair square all the way round. Compare lawn mowing quotes and lawn mowing contractors and then choose for yourself, without hassle.

How long are quotes good for?

Quotes provided for lawn mowing services are good for 30 days. If the lawn mowing quote isn't accepted within 30 days, a new quote with different pricing may be provided at my discretion. While it's unlikely my prices would have changed say 60 days after a quote, but just in case something extremely rare like this does happen, or something has changed about the lawn quoted for which may increase or decrease service times: it's best that I reserve that right to re-evaluate a quote after 30 days have elapsed if the job hasn't been accepted prior to this.

How can I pay my invoice

A computer printed invoice is issued after each service. The invoice contains service details, contact details and online payment information. It is a very straight forward system.

Cash on the day or direct credit bank payment options are available.

Lawn Mowing Service Perth Western Australia
Lawn Mowing Perth

Lawn Mowing Services Perth

The man who owns the business does the work!

My lawn mowing business is 100% independently owned and operated. With no franchises, no head offices, no secretaries, and no team of staff, you'll never be left wondering who will be showing up at your house today or just who will be answering the phone the next time you call... it will always be me, Steve. The man who owns the business, does the work!

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Lawn Mowing Quotes Are Free

Lawn mowing quotes are fast, simple, and free.

Best of all, there is absolutely no obligation or hassle at all. Once a quote is provided it is then entirely up to you whether or not to proceed with any lawn mowing service.

You will NEVER receive any type of follow up communication from me after the lawn mowing quote is provided.

Easy. Respectful. Hassle-Free. Free Lawn Mowing Quotes.

No Hassle. No Obligation. No Follow Up.

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Independent Perth lawn mowing service. Owner operator. No franchises.
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Lawn Mowing Services Perth

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Regular services are scheduled, clients always kept informed, and I show up.
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Lawn Mowing Services Perth

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Old fashioned friendly service. Trustworthy. Respectful. Your business is valued.
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