About Our Lawn Mowing Services In Perth

Information About Our Lawn Mowing Services In Perth WA

Lawn Services Provided

I provide professional lawn mowing services in Perth Western Australia.

I have done so since 2002.

Depending on the lawn type, the location (sun / shade), quality of lawn health, frequency of mowing, will determine whether a cylinder or rotary lawn mower will be used on the property.

As an example, you may have a buffalo lawn growing in shade and want it cut low with a cylinder mower. However this is the worst thing possible for this lawn type in this growing environment. For the best possible health of the lawn, a rotary mower cutting at high heights would be needed for the greatest lawn health for buffalo growing in shade.

Always in all lawn situations, the lawn and the environment it is growing in will be determined at the job and the best lawn mowing service provided for the best ongoing lawn health as a result.

A lawn edger is used on most lawns depending on the lawn edges involved. If a lawn blade edger is not suitable to the job then a whipper snipper may be used to tidy the lawn edges.

After mowing, all lawn edges are cleaned up with the line trimmer for a professional clean finish.

And once the job is complete the surrounding paths are blown clean. Where possible I will try to blow debris into a surrounding garden bed, rather than back onto the lawn.

The Lawn Mowing Services I Provide

The only service provided by myself and my business is lawn mowing. Nothing else.

If you would like lawn care advice to overcome problems or to help make your lawn healthier, I have that knowledge and will gladly assist. No problems.

However, through the process of so many years in the lawn mowing and garden service industry, I have provided many different complementary services throughout this time. And as the years have rolled past these services have been tried, evaluated, changed, and eventually either removed or retained in my business due to how they've performed and the costs associated with providing each service when compared to the inconvenience and expense of maintaining all such surplus equipment, often when it was not being used in over 98% of my daily workload.

These days, the business has streamlined to the point of exclusively providing lawn mowing services only.

Lawn Mowing Service Perth Western Australia

My Professional Lawn Mowing Equipment

Lawn Mowing Jolimont
MowMaster Highcut Cylinder Mower
Lawn Mowing North Perth
Victa Commercial 19" Rotary Mower
Lawn Mowing Mount Lawley
TPE Commercial 21" Rotary Mower
Lawn Mowing West Leederville
Mowmaster Commercial Lawn Edger
Lawn Mowing Mount Hawthorn
Honda Commercial Trimmer
Lawn Mowing Wembley
Ego Cordless Hi-Power Blower
I only use the highest quality commercial lawn mowing equipment available to lawn mowing contractors in Western Australia